Social Dynamix offers a number of programs for Teens, College Students, Adults, Families, and Couples who experience, or are impacted by loved ones who experience, social difficulties.


Social Dynamix offers, one-on-one, Action Based work for teens, college students, and adults.

Depending upon the individual focus, topics may include, but are not limited to:

•  Establishing and maintaining friendships

•  Self advocacy 

•  Learning to join peer groups more easily

•  Reading social cues more accurately

•  Flirting and dating 

•  Using social media to your advantage

•  Navigating social cliques

•  Navigating the social scene at college and employment

•  Increasing self confidence and spontaneity

Labels, while helpful in clinical settings do not always define the individual. What is authentic to your identity? What is normal? What is your capacity to perform? All such questions and more only define the roll you play in the moment. What is normal to you is authentic to you.

"Carol Bass has been a true gift to our family!  

After Carol built trust with our daughter, they worked on some basic social skills that helped her deal with clicks, boys, peers, coaches and yes, parents!  

Carol helped our daughter look at herself and, though she was not always thrilled with what she saw; she learned to understand her feelings and how to communicate better.  

Carol has been incredibly instrumental in the maturation and social success of our daughter.  We are very grateful."

Stephanie and Mark B., Natick, MA

"I started working with Carol individually after appreciating the progress she made improving the relationship I had with my adult nephew, for whom I play a parental role.  

Overtime, I have come to respect and utilize Carol’s many skills and her unique approach to problem-solving and dealing with life’s curve balls.

I am an accountant who thinks in black and white and likes rules.  Though, as a result of Carol’s personality, therapy style and her genuine desire to help, I have come to have an open mind to methods of helping myself change.  I feel I have made progress and discoveries that have influenced my actions, thought processes, and ability to make changes needed to achieve a full and happy life.

Though initially resistant, Carol helped me to identify patterns and influences in my life and offered suggestions and demonstrated skills for me make changes and gain better control of my life. 

It is not always been easy, but I believe that Carol’s use of psychodrama and props has been more helpful in a short time than all the years I spent in traditional therapy.

Without a doubt Carol has the knowledge, experience and resilience to help achieve a better you."

Marcia C., South Weymouth


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