Parenting on the Same Page


 Raising children often brings out differences in parenting styles between parents. These differences often lead to rifts which result in ineffective parenting and stress between the parents. Social Dynamix can help you to be more “in sync” with one another. Using Action Methods, Carol Feldman-Bass can help you deal with practical issues such as:

  • Deciding how much screen time a child should have

  • Bedtimes

  • Access to the car

  • Addressing substance use

  • Dating and intimacy

Social Dynamix is a unique form of action based techniques including Psychodrama, Sociodrama, and Improvisation. Issues are drawn from the parents’ own life experiences with their children. Parents have the opportunity to present the problem and then, in action, work through various solutions with their partner. In so doing, the differences in style can be understood and a common ground and way of approaching the problem, can be discovered.

We will also address specific issues and concerns as expressed by group members.

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If being in a group is not for you, Carol offers one-on-one, Action Based work for teens, college students, and adults.

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