Dr. Jonathan Bass M.D and Social Dynamix is presenting a workshop for parents on “How to Prepare Your Neurodiverse College Bound Student to Independently Manage their Medication.” We will answer your questions about:

  • Shaping medication regimens to cover class schedules, homework and evening social time and for students who have seasonal mood disorders.

  • Helping neurodiverse students to become knowledgeable and independent medication consumers e.g. Knowing the names of each medication and their use. Knowing your medication regimen.

  • How do you plan for the provision of medication services during the school year?

  • Identifying how the child will have his/her medication refilled.

    • On campus, a local pharmacy, shipped by parents or shipped by a mail order pharmacy.

    • Regulations regarding the prescribing of medication for students who live out of state.

  • Safety issues. How do you keep the medication from being stolen or misused?

  • How to provide additional support for students with executive function issues.

Dr. Jonathan Bass, Child Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacologist will join Carol Feldman-Bass in fielding a wide variety of questions.

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If being in a group is not for you, Carol offers one-on-one, Action Based work for teens, college students, and adults. 

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