What to Expect When You are Entering College: Exploring what you "think" college might be like and testing that against reality  
(For high school juniors and seniors) 


An Action Based Program For Neurodiverse Teens To Increase The Likelihood of College Success


Studies reveal that 28% of college freshman drop out of school and 34% of college students seek mental health services. Difficulty with social communications and the inability to become socially connected in school is a major underlying reason for lack of success in college. Students who are neurodiverse are at particular risk as their problems reading the social landscape and appreciating the perspective of their peers often leaves them socially isolated. Social Dynamix offers rising college freshman and college students, who have struggled in college, the opportunity to develop improved social communication skills using a unique form of action based techniques including Psychodrama, Sociodrama, and Improvisation. Students have the opportunity to work, using their own experiences and those of their peers, to find new and effective solutions to current social problems such as:

  • How do I make new friendships in a school where I know no one?

  • How do you make small talk?

  • How do I get out of my room to engage in social activities?

  • How do I learn to advocate for myself with professors?

  • How do I deal with problems with my roommate?

  • How can I make friends if I don’t want to drink or use drugs?

We will also address specific issues and concerns as expressed by group members. 

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If being in a group is not for you, Carol offers one-on-one, Action Based work for teens, college students, and adults. 

Please contact carol@socialdynamix.net or call 781-559-3196 for more information.

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