At Social Dynamix our method is predicated on the concept that successful social communication derives from one’s ability to take and appreciate another person’s perspective. 


In individuals with Social Anxiety Disorder and high-functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorder this capacity is often replaced by a tendency to misread the other person’s social cues, resulting in fears of being criticized or judged. 

In couples and families such miscommunications lead to the feeling of “not being heard” or feeling “misunderstood”. The goal of Social Dynamix is to help individuals and families learn how to take the perspective of “the other” and, in so doing, have more effective social relationships.

For individuals, couples, or families, our work begins with an initial 60-minute consultation to assess goals, interests, and desires and to determine which format (individual, group, family or multiple modalities) would be most beneficial. 

Next, a safe and private “play space” is established to become comfortable showing, in action, stories from everyday life that are socially challenging or emotionally charged. Examples might include making and sustaining friendships, obtaining social contact information, asking someone on a date, dealing with college roommates or an argument between an adult couple or a parent and child.

Perspective taking is achieved through the use of psychodramatic techniques, improvisation, coaching, and role training. Carol demonstrates these techniques during the initial consultation. Our work is always derived from actual life events. Scripted role-plays are never used.

Social Dynamix’s approach focuses on improving an individual’s ability to take “the other’s” perspective and helps reduce social anxiety. Research has demonstrated that a reduction in social anxiety leads to an increase in comfortable and spontaneous social interaction.

"I was immediately drawn to Carol when I met her at the Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute where we were both in training.

She is smart, empathetic and has an incredible sense of humor.

Over the years she has impressed me with her skills and growth as a director of full psychodramas. Carol is constantly striving to improve her techniques and knowledge through formal education, training’s and seminars. I believe she has found her passion in the creation of her unique social skills groups."   

Jane E Wong, LMSW


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