Psychodrama was developed by Jacob L. Moreno, M.D. in the 1920s, as a creative way for an individual or group to explore and solve personal problems.

The Double Psychodramtic Method That Has Many Uses

  • The Double is the inner voice
    “I’m fine” double: I’m not fine-I don’t like crowds
  • The double gives voice to some of the conflicts within
    “I want to be connected” double; I am terrified of deep connection  
  • Make the covert-overt
    “I cut the shrubs like you asked” double; I love you very much.
  • Moves dialogue forward  
    “I was so annoyed I left the room” double; and then I…?
  • Amplifies the statement/ups the emotion
    When you say that It hurts my feelings; Double
    Every time you say that I want to scream!!!  

It is important that you check with the Double to see if the statement made is correct and important that the one Doubled gets the chance to correct the statement; 

Doubling: ask if you can Double, stand behind the person who is speaking and speak in the “I”. 
Keep statements/doubles as short and to the point as possible; too much information for anyone loses the impact of the double statement.

“I don’t understand that statement” Double “I need you to translate it for me and then write it down so I can post it on the refrigerator and not forget that you want me to go to the store and buy a birthday present. I don’t even understand why we are going to this party, I don’t even like the person whose birthday it is, why can’t we stay home so I don’t have to even try to understand your statement.

The Double is not an inner monologue of the speaker. 

Original Jacob L. Moreno Stage ca 1936

Original Jacob L. Moreno Stage ca 1936

By encouraging an individual to address a problem in a creative way, reacting spontaneously and based on appropriate impulse, new solutions to problems can be discovered and  new roles expanded in order to help overcome past obstacles. 


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